Indoor Air Quality Assesment
How clean is the air inside your home?

There are times when the air inside a home, an office, a warehouse, or any closed place in particular is more polluted than the air outside and can lead to allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. Having bad indoor air quality is full of harmful contaminants that come from a variety of sources.

Regular things we have in most indoor places, like carpets, light fixtures and furniture, always attract dirt and dust, which tends to stay untouched for weeks. Also, the accumulation of mold is caused by the moisture inside the bathrooms and basement of your home or commercial property. Do you own pets? Do you smoke inside the closed environment? They damage the air quality as well.

Not many people use nor own a fireplace, but for those who do own it or use it, they are a strong source of carbon monoxide, along with combustion heating and cooling appliances.

Do you think the air around an indoor facility can be cleaned with normal household cleaner?
These products may help you make the indoor environment smell clean and rid fixtures of harmful microbes, but this is usually through the expense of toxic chemicals released into the air.

You can check your indoor air quality using the table right below this content. This will help you determine the status of the indoor air quality, helping you take the necessary steps to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Simply add up the points for each column checked to determine your overall indoor air quality score.

Once you are done, how did your air fare?  If you need help improving your indoor air quality, give us a call!  Or, click here to browse equipment that can help improve your indoor air quality.  Breathe easy – we can help!

Statement Yes  No  N/A
I change the air filters in my HVAC system regularly. 2 0
The kitchen, laundry
room and bathrooms in my home have ventilation and exhaust fans.
2 0
I use an air purifier
in several rooms in my home.
2 1
All humidifiers in my home are refilled with clean
water daily.
1 0 1
I clean and change the microwave and hood range filters
in my kitchen regularly.
2 0
The filter, bag and
belt in my vacuum cleaner is regularly changed.
2 0
I use a vacuum with a high efficiency filter. 2 0
I turn on the hood
vent above my stove while cooking.
2 0
When cleaning, I use bleach, ammonia and/or aerosol
spray cans.
0 2
I open a window or turn on an exhaust fan while using
chemical household cleaners.
2 0
I use insecticides and/or pesticides (including moth
repellents)  indoors.
0 2
My home has been checked for lead-based paint. 2 0
The pressed wood cabinets in my kitchen are coated with
a polyurethane finish to prevent formaldehyde emissions.
1 0 1
My home was recently renovated with new carpets,
furniture, and/or paint.
1 2
My gas fireplace and/or stove is checked yearly for
1 0 1
The burner flames on my gas appliances appear yellow
instead of blue.
0 1 1
There is carpet installed in one or more bathrooms in
my home.
0 2
I have hardwood floors throughout my home instead of
wall-to-wall carpet.
2 1
My home is insulated with urea formaldehyde or asbestos. 0 2
The draperies and floor tiles in my home contain
formaldehyde or asbestos.
0 2
My furniture is smooth, non-upholstered and easy to
2 1
I clean the sinks, showers and tubs in my bathrooms
2 0
I wipe down the walls of my shower after each use. 2 1
I keep shower doors and curtains open. 2 0
Humidity and temperature in my home are properly
2 0
I smoke inside the house. 0 2
There are carbon monoxide detectors installed inside my
2 1
There are plumbing leaks and leaks around appliances
that need to be fixed.
0 2
The area underneath all the sinks in my home is kept
consistently dry.
2 0
I clean, vacuum and dust often. 2 0
I wash all bedding in hot water once a week. 2 0
Bedding is encased in allergen-impermeable covers. 2 1
I use non-toxic household cleaning products. 2 0
My home has been tested for radon and any possible
sources have been eliminated.
2 0
I keep several furry pets inside my home. 0 2
I frequently burn candles and use room deodorizers. 0 2
I have frequent allergies that worsen when inside my
0 2
I notice strange, lingering odors inside my home. 0 2
I notice “ghosting” (staining or discoloration of
walls, carpets and ceilings) in several areas.
0 2
Sometimes I leave my car on and idle while it is parked
in the enclosed garage.
0 2