Have You Changed Your Air Filter Lately? 3 Reasons You Should

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It may seem odd that a system as complex as an air conditioner or furnace relies on something as simple as an air filter to protect it, but it does.

The air filter is your HVAC system’s first line of defense against dust and dirt, whose continual presence can lead to early equipment failure and unnecessarily high energy bills.

Here are the top three reasons why you should check the filter every month and routinely change or clean it.

  • Prevent premature system failure – You probably wouldn’t consider driving your car with a dirty or clogged air or gas filter, but when you neglect your home’s air filter for your cooling or heating system, you’re doing just that. When dust and dirt cover the filter, the airflow through the air handler slows down, causing all the parts to work harder.Dirt can cover the evaporator coil inside the air handler, which could cause it to freeze over. If this occurs, the system will continue to run but your home will not cool. Once the frost melts, it could flood the drain pan, causing even more damage.If you use a gas furnace, the dirt can cover the heat exchanger, which can actually cause it to crack. These cracks can emit carbon monoxide (CO) and be a cause for the gas company or HVAC technician to red tag it until it’s repaired or replaced. It’s far simpler, safer and less expensive to check the filter regularly.
  • Avoid higher energy bills – Slow airflow means that it takes longer for the system to reach the thermostat settings. The extra running time will increase your energy usage, as well as the wear on all the moving parts.
  • Steer clear of compromised indoor air quality – Letting the dust build on the air filter increases the likelihood of some of it entering your home’s air supply through the ductwork. A clean filter can help relieve allergies and asthma and keep your ducts cleaner.

To learn more about the importance of changing your home’s air filter, contact Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer a variety of filters and sizes to help Orlando and Central Florida homeowners maintain their HVAC systems.  Don’t know where or how to replace your air filter?  It’s ok – a lot of homeowners don’t!  Give us a call and we can help you replace your air filter to get the best operation from your system.

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