How Often Should UV Lights Be Changed?

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For decades, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology has proven itself in health care and industrial settings where excellent indoor air quality is a paramount concern. By preventing mold and bacteria from accumulating on damp HVAC components, UV lights also can prevent airborne biological contaminants from circulating throughout your Orlando home’s indoor air.

Why Changing UV Lights Regularly Matters

Like your average light bulb, UV lights have a finite life span that requires them to be changed on a regular basis. As these lights operate, they slowly lose their effectiveness as a germicidal agent by about 15 percent each year. After three years, the system won’t be able to generate enough UV-C light to neutralize bacterial and mold growth. In addition, running a UV lamp beyond three years not only wastes energy, but the ballast and bulb may also overheat and eventually fail.

When Should You Change UV Lights?

Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your UV lamp every 9,000 hours or approximately every 12 months. An annual replacement schedule is also recommended for those suffering from allergies and other respiratory conditions.

For lamps that are solely used to keep bacterial and mold growth from HVAC coils and blowers, you can use these lamps for up to 18,000 hours or two years. If you’re not able to replace your UV light after the two-year period, turn it off or disconnect the power supply until it’s replaced.

Recent advances in technology may help stretch out the average UV lamp’s life span while reducing energy costs. Unlike traditional UV disinfection systems that operate 24 hours a day, new automated systems deliver UV light based on HVAC usage. As a result, homeowners can maintain ideal indoor air quality while cutting their energy costs by 60 to 80 percent.

For most UV disinfection systems, keeping to an annual replacement schedule will ensure that your ultraviolet lights continue to keep your home’s indoor air healthy.

For more information on UV lights and other clean air solutions for your home, contact Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re proud to serve homeowners in and around Orlando and Central Florida.

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