Add the Electronic Air Cleaner to Your List of Seasonal Maintenance To-Dos

electronic air cleaner

This is no trick question, but one that few homeowners stop and consider: what collects on the collector plates of an electronic air cleaner?

If you said “dust,” you’re absolutely correct. And if you know this, then you probably also know that electronic air cleaner maintenance is vital to ensuring that your hardworking cleaner operates smoothly and efficiently.

Dust and dirt builds up on the collector plates just as dust and dirt collects on your air conditioner and furnace filters. The buildup will make your air cleaner work much harder, which will consume more energy.

Fortunately, electronic air cleaner maintenance is—pardon the pun—a breeze.

  • First, track down the owner’s manual for your electronic air cleaner. It should contain a diagram of the cleaner and the plates and instructions on how to slide out the plates.
  • Put an old towel on the floor next to your electronic air cleaner. Then remove the collector plates and set them on the towel. Bundle up the plates and take them outdoors. Remove the surface dirt with an old rag or paper towels.
  • Place the plates in a utility tub and submerge them in warm, sudsy water. Wipe the plates with a soft sponge. Then rinse the plates with cool water as you drain the water from the tub. Set the plates aside and wipe them dry.
  • Reinsert them right into your electronic air cleaner once they’re dry.

Be sure to make a note on your calendar to clean the plates at least once every three months. Such attention will ensure that your electronic air cleaner will effectively trap all those substances that it was designed to, including dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, fungi, mold spores, pollen, vapors and viruses.

Although electronic air cleaner maintenance sounds straightforward, you might want to ask yourself, “Would it help to have an expert show me the ropes the first time around?” This is no trick question, either. If your answer is “yes,” don’t hesitate to call Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a side-by-side coaching session.

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