Delaying Air Filter Replacement Can Have Serious Consequences for Your Home

air filter replacement

Working with as many furnaces as I do, I see a lot of common problems and answer several common questions. One thing that comes up regularly is the importance of air filter replacement.

The furnaces and air conditioners in your home have built-in air filters. These are smallish frames with fiber mesh, and they’re there to catch some of the crud that floats through your air, like pet dander, dust, and even mold spores and bacteria. Air filters catch all those and keep them contained so you won’t have to be breathing them in.

But the important thing to remember is that air filters aren’t just a one-time installation. They’re meant to be replaced. When air filters keep all those airborne pollutants contained, they do so on the filter surface—and that clogs up the filter over time. It’s tough to push air through a clogged filter!

Having a filter is good news for your lungs, but having a clogged filter is bad news for your system. Pushing air through a clogged filter is hard, and that wears out your fan and keeps air from being pushed out to all areas of your house. It costs more to do it, too. That’s why I recommend air filter replacement every month. It’s a do-it-yourself task that doesn’t cost much money or take much time, but it’ll keep your appliances healthy and your energy bills low. And it’ll keep the cool air flowing in these hot Florida summers, not to mention the warm air circulating on chilly winter nights.

If you’ve got any questions, or you want to know more about air filter replacement for your home, give us a call at Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning. We’d be happy to help you determine what size filter you need and deliver them to your home.  We’ll help you keep your lungs and your A/C healthy!

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