Whole-House Ventilation Is a Necessary Part of Any Healthy Home Environment

whole-house ventilation

If you’re the type of person who likes to drive with your window cracked open, you probably like the feeling of fresh air. Essentially, this means that you like the idea of ventilation, which is the exchange of indoor air with outdoor air. In much the same way, whole-house ventilation is necessary for a healthy home environment, too. It helps you breathe easier, and it’s accomplished in basically the same way as cracking the window in your car. 

Ventilation is even more critical in a home because more airborne irritants are present there, and they circulate almost constantly. Think about it this way—every time someone takes a shower and the bathroom fills with damp, humid air, your indoor air quality is affected. Every time you run the dryer, especially if you close the laundry room door behind you, you run the risk of creating an overly stuffy atmosphere. When you fire up the stove to make dinner, gases and aromas are released into the air. If you paint, varnish or use fixatives indoors, the toxins can linger in the air for hours. If you have a pet, the dander and moisture on your pet’s coat can be so severe as to trigger allergies. And if someone in your home smokes, well, the need for ventilation becomes downright imperative.

Whole-house ventilation attacks odors, toxins, humidity and stuffiness with exhaust fans and the fan in your forced air heating and air conditioning system. Your Florida home also might benefit from spot ventilation, which is typically an extra fan placed in a trouble spot, such as a wood-working room, or an exhaust fan with a higher ventilation speed.

This sounds simple enough, and on one hand, it is. However, at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve seen more than a few whole-house ventilation projects run off the rails because the fans are too noisy, create drafts or raise an electric bill disproportionately. As a result, some people disable their ventilation fans, which defeats the purpose of having them. Let Scott’s help you choose and install the proper whole-house ventilation system for your home. We’re sure you’ll notice a difference in home comfort.

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