Is Your Heat Pump Freezing Up or Making Noise? Here’s Some Help

Heat Pump Freezing

It’s the kind of discovery that can freeze you in your tracks: when you find your heat pump freezing up or making noise. But as we tell our customers at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning, a little confident troubleshooting goes a long way. So take a deep breath, grab your owner’s manual and turn off your heat pump for good measure. 

To find out what’s plunged your heat pump into a deep freeze:

  • Check the air filter and clean or replace it if it’s dirty or clogged.
  • Double-check that none of the return air registers in your home are obstructed.
  • Check your thermostat setting. The thermostat may not be in sync with the heat pump, so raise the temperature by 5 degrees and wait a few minutes for the heat to turn on.
  • Clean the coils of the pump’s condensing unit.

A noisy heat pump is almost always a sign of trouble. Grinding, squealing and even pinging noises could be signs that the bearings within the motor need to be replaced.

Still, it’s worth checking that the cover panels of the heat pump are securely in place. With any luck, a few turns of a screwdriver will fix the problem.

Still, you may be hearing other noises, which may be coming from the ductwork. In this case, an HVAC pro may replace metal ducts with flexible ductwork that better absorbs movement and sound.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Scott, that’s your specialty, not mine.” And it’s true. We’re only too happy to roll up our sleeves when you find your heat pump freezing up or making noise. We hate the thought of you spending one more minute than you have to with a frozen heat pump or an uncomfortable home.

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