Why Orlando Area Homeowners Should Consider an Annual HVAC Maintenance Agreement

hvac Maintenance Agreement

If you’re a little like me, you’ve scratched your head over that expression, “Plan for the unexpected.” If something is truly unexpected, how on earth do you plan for it? And what exactly should you plan for?

Since I’m in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business, it makes much more sense to try to prevent the unexpected, especially when it comes to preventing unexpected – and usually costly – breakdowns with your HVAC system. And the best way to do this is to consider an annual HVAC maintenance agreement.

This agreement ensures that your system is checked in the early spring and late fall to help ensure that it goes the distance during the most demanding seasons of the year. Speaking of distance, think of an HVAC service agreement like a tune-up on your car: While a tune-up cannot guarantee that you won’t encounter a tire-puncturing nail on the roadway, it sure can eliminate the worry that your oil, fluids and brakes will fail you and put you in a precarious situation. In a few words, an HVAC service agreement can bring you peace of mind. Other benefits include:

  • Increasing the efficiency and extending the lifespan of your HVAC system, especially because an HVAC service agreement ensures that your system will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Believe it or not, dirt and grime buildup is the #1 reason why HVAC systems shut down.
  • Keeping your energy bills in check since an efficient HVAC system consumes less energy.
  • Eliminating the fear of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Exposing quick and easy repairs before they develop into more serious and costly ones.

In some ways, cars and HVAC systems are very much alike. As complex pieces of machinery with many intertwined parts, neither one rarely breaks down out of the blue. Usually, problems fester for quite a while – quietly and below your radar – before they demand your attention. In this way, an HVAC service agreement with Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning  can truly prevent the unexpected from taking you – and your wallet – for a nasty ride.

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