Rodents Can Make a Mess of Your Home’s HVAC System — How to Deal

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Do you suspect rodents in the HVAC system of your home? Whether you hear them racing along by day or scratching late at night, rodents can cause real damage to your ducts and can create a health hazard if they succumb while entrapped there.

So yes: We are eager to help because there’s no two ways about it: the rodents must be shown who’s boss and the sooner, the better.

We begin the extermination process by explaining to our customers how to trap the rodents: First, purchase enough snap traps for each heating vent in your home, plus a couple to spare. Then:

  • Turn off your furnace.
  • Once the heat vent grates are completely cool, remove them. (You may need a screwdriver for this quick job.)
  • Load the traps with bits of food to lure the rodents to their destiny. Their favorite snack food includes bacon, cheese, chocolate, dried fruit and peanut butter.
  • Place one trap inside each duct, with the bait touching the duct’s interior wall.
  • Replace the vent grates and turn on the heat.
  • Open the grates each morning, prepared to play mortician. Wear plastic gloves and drop the little pests inside a plastic zipper bag.

Your Trapper John adventures will work in no time, but keep in mind two key pieces of advice.

  • Don’t use poison traps. They’re not designed to kill rodents on contact, and you don’t want to compound your problems by leaving a trail of dead rodents in your ducts.
  • If you’re not scooping up dead rodents quickly, change the bait to something more aromatic. Mice in particular have a keen sense of smell, so they should be drawn to your death traps in no time.

Afterward, remember that Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help deter future rodents in the HVAC system, as well as repair any damage they may have left behind. Together, we’ll show those pests who’s boss.

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