Exhaust Fans Banish Stale Air and Prevent Mold and Mildew

exhaust fan

By now I hope everybody knows how great it is to have a well-sealed home. You keep the cool air inside, and the hot, humid air out. Just doing that much can save you a bunch of money, because you’re not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood!

But fresh air is pretty great, too. When all the air is sealed up in your home, interior air can get stale, and stale air can carry a lot of pollutants and pathogens. An important part of caring for your home is making sure that air is coming and going from your home, but on your terms. That’s where ventilation comes in, and exhaust fans are an important part of that.

Exhaust fans take the old air in your house, with all its dust, pet dander and humidity (which leads to mold and mildew), and they flush the old air out. Depending on how your house is set up and what kinds of ventilation you need, they might be installed in any one of a number of places:

  • On the ceiling, to expel air out through the roof
  • Inline or between the ducts, particularly useful when you don’t want to disrupt the design of a room with additional fan equipment
  • Wall-mounted on external walls, meaning you don’t have to have any ducts at all to carry air out of your home
  • Along with the light fixture of a room for a light-fan combo
  • Outside of your home entirely, so that they’re pulling stale air out instead of pushing it out
  • Above your stove in the kitchen, so that your cooking mishaps won’t cause any air quality issues in the rest of your home.

Getting the old air out of your home keeps you happy, healthy and comfortable. To learn more about exhaust fans and other ventilation options, contact Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re glad to help our Orlando area neighbors.

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