How Long Will Your Heat Pump Last? Let’s Look at the Facts

how long will your heat pump last

I recommend heat pumps to many of my customers. They’re just perfect for Florida weather, since they don’t have trouble sourcing enough heat from the outdoors to heat homes, even in the winter. And during the summer, there’s no reason to have two HVAC appliances installed. A furnace can’t cool your home, but a heat pump sure can.

One thing many customers ask about is the life span of a heat pump. Is it true they wear out faster than furnaces do? Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean they’ll fail on you anytime soon. A heat pump should last around 15 years, while most furnaces will last about 20 years. But for those 15 years, you’ll be getting three times the efficiency when compared to a furnace, and over a decade and a half, that’s pretty impressive.

Heat pumps also keep getting better and better, as new technology hits the market. And a little bit of maintenance goes a long way, if you pay attention to the things that can wear your pump out faster:

  • Make sure that your defrost cycle is working in the winter and that no ice builds up on the outdoor coil. Ice can build up even when the temperature is above freezing, because the outdoor coil is removing heat from the air. Keeping ice in check will also help your home get the heat it needs.
  • Replace your air filters regularly. Your blower fan has to work harder if your filters are clogged, and you don’t want that to burn out.
  • Keep the coils and the outside condenser unit’s fins clean.
  • Make sure plants aren’t crowding your outdoor unit. Keep them trimmed at least 18 inches back.

If you need any help, or if you have a furnace-A/C combo and you’re wondering if a heat pump is right for you, give me a call at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning!

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