How a WiFi Thermostat Can Revolutionize How You Control Your Florida Home’s Temps

WiFi thermostat

The battle against the summer heat is coming, and we’re getting ready to deliver some care to our customers’ air conditioners. But there’s another cool tool that I want to talk about today: WiFi thermostats.

You’re probably wondering what good it’s going to do to have your thermostat connect to the Internet. Just take a look at some of the things this new connectivity can get you.

Benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

  • You can check up on your house even when you’re away. Forget to turn down the HVAC system when you leave for a vacation? No problem; you can do that from your phone!
  • Some models have portable sensors. If your kid is home sick from school, but the kids’ rooms don’t get good airflow, you can stick the sensor in there and the system will adjust so it’s keeping that room cool, not whatever room it usually pays attention to.
  • Your thermostat can keep an eye on the weather for you. If there’s an unexpected cold snap, you don’t have to worry about coming home to an air-conditioned house.
  • Some of the models can learn. They can keep track of your preferences and start making educated guesses about how you want the house conditioned and when. (You can override these, of course.)
  • You can use multiple sensors, inside and outside your home, to keep track of what every part of your property is doing, temperature-wise.
  • Some models include motion detectors in their sensors. If they notice that you’re not home for too long, they’ll automatically go into vacation mode even if you forgot to set it!

For more information on WiFi thermostats or other home comfort concerns, give us a call at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We can go over the options available, including which ones need professional installation.

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