How Attic Ventilation Impacts Your Orlando Area Home in the Heat of Summer

attic ventilation

We all know heat rises, and during the summer, if you have an unused attic space, you might think, “Good! Get all that heat out of my living area. I don’t want it here, anyway!” But even if you’re not spending time in the attic while the air conditioner keeps things cool on the main level, your attic deserves a little attention. Attic ventilation can make a big difference, even if it’s only a crawl space or used for storage.

Did you know that an unventilated attic can get up to 145 degrees on hot summer days? Even if you’re never in the attic, living downstairs from that kind of heat doesn’t do you any favors. The heat can radiate back down into living areas even as the air itself is rising, and the heat rising up through your roof can cause shingles to buckle. That can lead to some nasty repair bills.

Installing attic ventilation means this concentrated hot air is drawn out of your home so less bounces back down into your living space and less impacts shingles and other fixtures. It also helps control the humidity of the attic. And if you don’t use your attic for much, high humidity could mean that large, dangerous colonies of mold and mildew could grow without you even noticing! It’s best to prevent that from happening at all.

When the weather cools off again, the attic ventilator will still be working for you, controlling the humidity of your attic spaces. On those rare days with a freeze warning, ventilation can also help ice melt evenly from your roof, preventing any damage-causing ice dams.

To learn more about how attic ventilation can help you stay cool this summer in your Orlando area home, contact us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning today! We will proudly handle all of your home comfort concerns.

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