Efficient A/C Operation Is in the Hands of Both the HVAC Installer and the Homeowner

effcient A/C operation

There’s a lot you can do to get the most out of your air conditioning. You can change your air filters, seal any air leaks around your home, set your thermostat back when you’re out for a long time, and make sure the shade on your property is working with you, not against you. But if you’re really looking for efficient A/C operation (and you should be– make your money go toward fun summer activities, not your cooling bill!), you need to make sure you’re working with the best HVAC professionals from the very beginning.

Air conditioners have a lot of parts that all need to work together to keep you cool. The indoor evaporator coil has a specific amount of air it can handle, and the air handler need to deliver that. (Too much air, and the A/C can’t remove moisture fast enough. Too little, and the unit ices up.) The ducts need to be sized right so they’re delivering just enough air to the living areas of your house.

The installation as a whole also needs to be sized for the amount of coolable space in your home: too small an installation and your house will never cool off, and too large an installation and it will cool off too fast and the A/C will shut off. (This means that your temperature will be pinballing between a bit too cool and just warm enough to trigger the A/C again, probably with a lot of noise and blasts of air from your vents. Not good.)

What’s more, an installation that started out with efficient A/C operation can change as the years go by. Maybe you installed energy-recovery ventilators or sealed up air leaks, or maybe you improved your ventilation or installed insulated windows. That might mean that your home holds its temperature more efficiently, meaning you need a smaller installation these days than you did before.

If you want to know how well your current installation is doing, and whether you’re getting the efficient A/C operation you deserve, call us up at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re happy to serve the Orlando area and other communities in Central Florida.

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