How Energy Recovery Ventilators Efficiently Provide Fresh Air During Cooling Season

energy recovery ventilators

To keep your home cool in the warmer months, you want to keep the outside air out, right? After all, when hot summer air is coming in around windows, doors and unsealed gaps, you’re losing the cool air the A/C worked so hard to create, and you’re having to cool down that hot outside air again! But if that’s the case, how do you get fresh air at all? Energy recovery ventilators are the answer.

Air filters and air cleaners can help keep your indoor air quality high, but ventilation is a must to keep your home environment really healthy. Heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators both improve your ventilation by adding in a heat exchanger. That means that as the hot outside air comes into your home, it crosses paths with the cool outgoing air, and the heat from the incoming air is transferred into the exhaust. That keeps the temperature of your house constant and comfortable.

But energy recovery ventilators, unlike heat recovery ventilators, also handle the humidity. You know how muggy it can get here in Central Florida, and you might already have a dehumidifier helping your A/C. So you know you don’t want the outdoor humidity coming into your home, just like you don’t want the outside heat coming in. An energy recovery ventilator transfers moisture along with heat, which means that the humidity inside stays balanced. You get the fresh air with none of the warmth or water vapor!

If you want to learn more about energy recovery ventilators and our own Bryant Preferred Energy Recovery Ventilator, please contact us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re happy to help keep you comfortable this summer, and for many summers to come.

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