Don’t Let These 5 Myths Deter Your Energy Savings This Summer

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We’re already melting in the heat here in central Florida and retreating to our comfy air conditioned homes and offices to get some relief from Mother Nature. Now if only we could get a bit more relief on energy bills! If you’re interested in summer energy savings, let us debunk five common myths for you.

  1. Myth: The lower the thermostat, the faster your house will cool. Wrong! Your A/C delivers the same rate of cooling no matter how low your thermostat goes. Turning it lower just means you’ll end up spending more on cooling, because the A/C has to work harder to keep the house cooler.
  2. Myth: Turning the A/C off while you’re out saves more money than turning it down. Seems logical, but no! If you keep your home at a median temperature while you’re out, you won’t let heat concentrate inside the house, and you won’t come back to an oven.
  3. Myth: Ceiling fans will keep empty rooms cool. Fans cool down people with the wind chill effect, which doesn’t alter the actual temperature. To encourage summer energy savings, turn off ceiling fans when you leave a room.
  4. Myth: You can close vents to avoid paying for the cooling of certain rooms. While it’s true that a closed vent will stop a room from cooling down, it could actually raise your bills! The hot air from the room is still cycling back to the A/C to be warmed.
  5. Myth: Air conditioning is the only way to cool off. A/C is a wonderful thing, but don’t discount cold drinks, frozen treats and trips to the pool!

To learn more about staying cool and maximizing your summer energy savings, call us today at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning!

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