Looking for Home Ventilation? 4 Types Florida Homeowners Can Choose From

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If you’ve ever opened up an old closet or a room you’ve set aside for storage, you probably know that stale, musty smell that comes with air that never gets circulated or freshened up. A house without ventilation can start smelling like dirty socks.

Of course, you can easily ventilate a home just by opening a window, but on hot, muggy days or chilly winter nights, you don’t want to do that. You would undo all the work your air conditioner or furnace put into keeping you comfortable! That’s where a sensible home ventilation system can come in handy. There are four types of home ventilation to be aware of:

  • A supply ventilation system. These draw in fresh air from outside, and let stale air from indoors find its own way out. These can draw air into one or more indoor areas, and often have intentional vents installed in the frame of the house to allow air to escape.
  • An exhaust ventilation system. These pump stale air out of your home, and are more often found in colder northern climates. That’s because when the air is pumped out of your house, the air pressure inside drops and outside air tries to find its way in. In hot, humid climates like central Florida, that can mean that a lot of outside moisture tries to infiltrate its way through any little cracks you’re not aware of, where it can lurk and grow mold.
  • Balanced ventilation systems. These make sure the air pressure inside your home stays constant by bringing in just as much air as they’re pushing out. It’s like a supply and exhaust system combined!
  • Energy- and heat-recovery ventilation systems. These make sure that as indoor air is going out and outdoor air is coming in, heat is transferred from one parallel airstream to the other. The heat is transferred to incoming air in the winter, to help with heating, and transferred to outgoing air in the summer to supplement indoor cooling. In an energy recovery ventilator, moisture is also transferred between the airstreams.

To learn more about the types of home ventilation available, please call us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! It’s well worth preventing your house from getting that stale, dirty-socks smell.

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