Troubleshooting Tips for an Ineffective Programmable Thermostat

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You know, I’m a big fan of programmable thermostats. You can save money on heating and cooling, and take some of the thought out of it. But they involve technology, and anything mechanical or electronic has the capacity to break down. Programmable thermostats are no different. That’s okay, though. Troubleshooting a programmable thermostat isn’t that scary.

  1. You know how the tech guys always tell you to make sure your computer is plugged in? Well, if your battery-operated thermostat isn’t working, the first thing you should do is check the batteries. Easy enough.
  2. Next up, check the fuse. Hardwired programmable thermostats have a fuse that can be blown by a power surge. You should be able to look at it and see if the filament inside has broken, just like you can look at an incandescent light bulb and see if it’s burned out. (On the other hand, haven’t you switched to compact fluorescent bulbs?) If the fuse is blown, pull it out of the thermostat and take it to the hardware store so you can find the right replacement.
  3. Check to see if the thermostat fails to both heat and cool. If it’s just not talking to the air conditioner, but the furnace is fine, it’s probably not a problem with the thermostat at all. Call in a professional to take a look at the system.
  4. If the programmable thermostat won’t control heating or cooling in your home, it might need to be replaced. Just like a computer, sometimes they just die. But before shelling out the money to buy a new one, check to see if your thermostat is still under warranty, and check with the manufacturer to make sure the model hasn’t been recalled.
  5. If replacing the thermostat doesn’t fix it, call in a professional ASAP!

If need help troubleshooting a programmable thermostat, call us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re happy to help our Orlando-area neighbors.

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