An A/C Tune-Up for Your Central Florida Home Is a Must This Summer

A/C tune-upHave you ever looked at your A/C bills in June and thought, “Wow, this is a lot more expensive than May”? As it gets hotter and hotter through the year, this sort of increase is natural and obvious. But if you take a look at your average yearly bills, you might notice a similar trend. And no, it’s not because every year is warmer than the last one: it’s because air conditioners age and lose efficiency, and a regular A/C tune-up is a good idea to slow that decline.

Your central A/C is complex, with an indoor component to pull heat out of your house and then circulate the cooled air, and an outdoor component to release the heat. Refrigerant carries the heat out and flows back in. All three of these components should be checked out from time to time:

  • The evaporator, located indoors, should be cleaned. If it gets dirty, it can’t sink heat as effectively. (You know how insulation prevents heat transfer? A layer of dust or dirt can insulate the evaporator coils, which isn’t a good thing when you want it transferring heat outdoors!)
  • Likewise, the outdoor condenser should be cleaned for much the same reason: if it can’t exhaust the heat, the refrigerant can’t pick up as much heat from the indoor air. The condenser unit should also be checked for any obstructions, such as weed overgrowth.
  • The refrigerant levels and lines should be checked. This part of the A/C tune-up really has to be handled by a professional. Not only are older refrigerants usually environmentally-unfriendly hydrochlorofluorocarbons, but a refrigerant leak or any damage to the line needs to be found and fixed right away to avoid damaging the system.

An A/C tune-up is a simple way to make sure your aging air conditioner is working as best it can, and it can also help maintain the warranty on your unit. To schedule an A/C tune-up today, call us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning!

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