Don’t Ignore These Negative Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

poor indoor air quality

Outdoor air isn’t perfect, but there’s still a reason people talk about “going out for fresh air.” Inside, where walls protect you from outdoor breezes, dust, cooking fumes and chemicals all gather instead of blowing away. And while you might not notice them unless things are getting really bad, you shouldn’t underestimate the impact of poor indoor air quality. 

How Poor Indoor Air Quality Impacts You

  • Breathing issues and illness – Even clean air can make it hard to breathe if the humidity is too high. High humidity hinders you from getting enough oxygen, and low humidity causes throat and lung irritation. But if indoor air has bacteria, mold or fungal spores, or chemical pollutants, it can really make your life miserable.
  • Poor system performance and high energy and repair costs – When your indoor air is dirty, it clogs up the air filter. (And don’t think you can get around this by not having an air filter! Dust and debris will just build up inside the HVAC system, and that’s even worse.) The impact of poor indoor air quality on system performance is reduced airflow, which means harder-working fans, more wear and tear, and higher energy bills overall. No fun.

Fortunately, you can improve your indoor air quality in a variety of ways.

  • Control humidity – If the air is too dry, fixtures can crack. If it’s too wet, mold and bacteria can grow. A whole-house humidifier and dehumidifier can keep the humidity just right. The A/C can also help.
  • Improve ventilation – Window filters and ventilation systems like energy recovery ventilators can usher old air out and new air in.
  • Get a standalone air cleaner – Upgrade to HEPA filtration with a dedicated air purifier, and you won’t have to worry about airborne dust, bacteria or viruses again!

If you’re concerned about the impact of poor indoor air quality, call us at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning! We’ll help you take control of the air quality in your central Florida home.

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