Ceiling Fans, If Used Properly, Can Lead to Comfort and Energy Savings

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We probably all have memories of camping out next to a box fan or a standing fan in the dog days of summer, or stretching out under a ceiling fan. These days, people rely on air conditioning so much that ceiling fans might seem like they’re only good for the days that are just getting warm, earlier in the year… or they might just seem quaint and even decorative! The truth is, though, that you can get a lot more out of your air conditioner if you’re using ceiling fans correctly.

Fans cool you down with the wind chill effect. Just think how much chillier a winter day feels when the day is windy. It might be strange to think of wind chill during the summer, when the weather reports are all talking about the dreaded heat index, but you can still tap into it.

In the summer, fans should rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, pushing air gently down on you. Not only does this produce the wind chill effect, but it also displaces the cool air upward, meaning that you can feel it on more of your body.

And if you think that ceiling fans are only good for the hot months, I’m happy to tell you that they’re useful year-round! In fact, the reason that fans have two rotation directions is because one can help you feel warmer in winter.  When the ceiling fan rotates clockwise, it’s drawing air gently up toward the ceiling, displacing the rising warm air downward.

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