Seal and Insulate the Home Envelope to Keep Conditioned Air Indoors

seal and insulate the home envelope

When you think about home comfort, your first thought is probably cooling. But most homeowners think about the air conditioner first, and how much energy it takes to get a house cool. You might not think about how best to keep your home cool, but if you seal and insulate your home envelope, you can see cooling costs fall just like you would if you upgraded to a more efficient A/C!

Your home’s thermal envelope is the barrier between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature. This includes walls, windows, roofs, floor insulation and pretty much anything else that keeps cool indoor air indoors. Here are four steps to improve, seal and insulate your home envelope:

  1. Call in the professionals for an energy audit. Before going at the windows with a caulk gun and the walls with new insulation, they will determine where you’re actually losing energy. Some homes might have an attic that needs insulation and ventilation, while others might lose the most energy because of solar heat gain. Learn your problem spots so you know where to improve.
  2. Find air leaks through your home and seal them. These might be windows that don’t seal properly or even damage to the walls. If you prevent inside air from getting out and outside air from getting in, your thermal envelope will be stronger.
  3. Insulate! You might not think a Florida home needs much insulation, but insulation also keeps heat out. Ask your contractor if your home meets the official insulation recommendations.
  4. Upgrade old and inefficient windows and doors. These are traditionally big gaps in your thermal envelope, but they don’t have to be! Windows can be upgraded to insulated glass or treated with reflective films or other window treatments, while doors can be upgraded to better-insulating materials and fitted with door sweeps to prevent airflow.

To learn more about how you can seal and insulate your home envelope to stay cool this summer, give us a call at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning!

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