Start the New Year Right with a New AC

While Central Floridians are enjoying the mild temperatures associated with winter in the Sunshine State, winter is actually a great time to look into purchasing a new air conditioning system. Here at Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning, one of Central Florida’s leading HVAC companies, we’ve identified the following reasons why you may want to give yourself the gift of a new AC for the New Year:

  • The cooler months in Florida are few, and before you know it, you’ll need your AC to run on a regular basis again. By making your air conditioning purchase before you need it in the heat of summer (or even spring!), you have more time to research exactly which air conditioning system will work best for you.
  • By doing your research now, you have the time to do a thorough evaluation of the AC options that are available to you. The right new AC system will depend on many factors, including the age, size and configuration of your home, whether you are replacing your current AC system or installing central air for the first time, and what features – energy efficiency, newest technologies, etc. – you are most interested in.
  • Making your purchase in the off season means that you can schedule your installation for a time convenient to you. If you wait until your old AC gives up the ghost during Central Florida’s summertime heat, you may find that HVAC companies are so busy that you will have several hot, sticky days until your new system can be installed.
  • Because a new AC system is a big home improvement investment, you need a trusted AC company like Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning to fulfill your needs. At Scott’s Air, our technicians have earned the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification, which means you can be confident that they have proven knowledge in real-world working situations with air conditioning systems and have passed a stringent certification test. Calling Scott’s Air during the winter months will help you avoid an AC crisis when the temperatures start to rise. And in Central Florida, warmer temperatures are always just around the corner.

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