Scott’s Air Offers Top 10 Tips to Follow Before Cranking Up Your AC this Summer

A dirty air filter covered in dust

With Florida’s intense heat looming just around the corner, Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning, one of Central Florida’s leading AC companies, suggests homeowners consider the following 10 steps before running the AC full throttle this summer.

First, start by checking the inside equipment:

  1. Look at thermostat. Is it outdated? You could save money and energy by installing a newer, programmable thermostat.
  2. Check exposed ductwork. Is there any visible wear in the ductwork? This could result in loss of cooling.
  3. Inspect the air vents. Remove any items near the vents that could impede airflow, such as drapes, furniture or toys.
  4. Flush the drain line. Scott’s Air recommends flushing your drain line with hot tap water to make sure it’s clean and clear for your AC to use when the heat turns up, and your AC turns on!
  5. Change your air filter. The filter should be changed every month and definitely before the start of a new cooling or heating season.
  6. Check circuits to be sure electrical connections are on.

Next, it’s time to head outdoors to assess the outside equipment:

  1. Inspect the outdoor condenser. Make sure there is no blockage near the equipment and clean the area around the unit. Yard debris can block the interior components and impact performance.
  2. Visually check the refrigerant lines. Proper insulation will improve the efficiency of the system. Repairs to the insulation or refrigerant lines should be done by a professional at Scott’s Air.
  3. Check the outdoor electrical wiring. If you see damage or wear, call Scott’s Air for service before using your system.
  4. Consider the age of your AC and recognize when it’s time for a new system. Even if your AC unit has been properly maintained, it will eventually wear out, especially in Florida. The good news is, newer ACs have great ROI, saving you up to 20 – 40 percent in energy costs.

“Hopefully, if you follow these steps you can turn on your AC at the start of summer and enjoy a cool and comfy home,” said Scott, president and founder. “However, if anything doesn’t look right, or your AC is making a funny noise, call us and Scott’s Air will be right out!”

About Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning:
Established in 2011, Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning services and repairs all brands and types of heating and cooling equipment. Scott’s Air services all of Central Florida including Orange, Seminole, Lake, Sumter, Marion, Volusia, Osceola, and Brevard Counties. For fast, friendly service, call 407-513-4406 or visit


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