Rid Yourself of That Musty Smell in Your Home or Office

Man with a noseclip on his nose hiding from a bad smell

We all know that smell. Whether we are watching TV at home or sitting at our desks at work, we have all caught a whiff of that musty, mildewed smell in the air. We don’t exactly know what it is or how it got there. We just want it gone.

Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to making sure clean air is running through your entire space so you can feel more comfortable in the places that you spend the most time.

What Causes That Smell?

It could be a number of causes, but usually the biggest culprit is mold or mildew that is caused by moisture from high humidity, leaky pipes or a damaged roof. Moisture, combined with stagnant air and dark corners, can cause mold to flourish. This is true in your air ducts as well, which extends into every room in your house. Even after the mold dies, its odor can permeate your carpets, curtains and upholstery giving off that mildew smell.

Other causes include cigarette and cigar smoke, spills, messes, pet accidents and dander. Keeping your windows and doors closed for long periods of time can lead to stagnant air and contribute to the overall odor. Regardless of the cause, it is not a good thing to let that smell persist in your space.

It’s Not Just Unpleasant

That odor is not just a nuisance to your nose. It can actually produce physical symptoms like headaches or affect people with asthma and allergies. If you have visitors to your home, it can be a point of embarrassment and, even worse, if your commercial space is filled with this smell, it can hurt your business. Over time, you may go “nose blind” to the smell, but visitors will pick it up immediately. Make sure you find the cause and take care of it immediately if you want fresh, clean air to breathe.

How Do I Get Rid of The Smell?

So, you undoubtedly have tried air fresheners, cleaning your space, used air purifiers or even used a mildew odor eliminator. If you have done all that and the smell persists, turn your attention to your HVAC unit.

It is time to clean your HVAC unit! Schedule an inspection with Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning to rid yourself of that awful smell. Your technician will look for:

  • Clogged Air Filters
  • Inadequate Ventilation and other HVAC design issues
  • Dirty Air Ducts
  • Clogged Drains

It’s always a good idea to get your HVAC unit inspected and cleaned at least twice a year, but if you are encountering that musty smell, get your trusted technician out ASAP. Scott’s Air provides regular maintenance packages that automatically sends someone to your space twice a year. No one likes to breathe in filthy air, so make sure you clean out your space with Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

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