HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips

A dirty air filter compared with a clean air filter

The winter season in Florida isn’t exactly harsh, but it is a time when we all use our air conditioners much less. Many of us sometimes forget the importance of certain maintenance habits regarding our HVAC system that can get our AC into trouble when we begin to crank it up this spring season. Below are quick tips that can get you prepared to receive fresh, cool air all summer long.

Air Filter


Air Filters should be replaced every month, especially if you have pets. Your filters are responsible for maintaining healthy indoor air quality for you and your family. The dirtier the air filter, the dirtier the air. A dirty air filter can also affect your AC’s performance and increase your energy bill.  Your air filter performs an incredibly important job to keep your coil from clogging up with dust and debris, which helps your system operate efficiently.


Check Your Thermostat


We tend not to think of our thermostat as a device that needs battery replacements regularly, but they do. Having a weak battery life can cause your thermostat to operate improperly. You also might want to consider upgrading to a Wi-Fi or Smart Thermostat to keep your energy bills down and your comfort right where you want it without having to trek over to the thermostat.


Cleaning Around Your Outdoor Unit


We kind of treat our outdoor HVAC unit as just another fixture on our property, but it is an important part of your house remaining efficient and comfortable. These units are exposed to the elements night and day which can cause a host of issues that could be affecting its performance.


Be sure to keep a two-foot minimum radius around the unit clear of debris, plants and other obstacles. If any trash, debris or animals get into your unit, contact your HVAC professional immediately.


Cleaning and Sealing Your Ducts


Your ducts can make or break the comfort and size of the energy bill. According to Energy Star, sealing and insulating your ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling by an average of 20%. Take a look to see if there are any signs of damage or if they are leaking cold air into your hot attic. If you see issues or would like a professional to come out and check, Scott’s Air offers a full complement of ductwork services.


Schedule a 20 Point AC Tune Up!


If you want to fully prepare your AC unit for the heavy workload of summer cooling, schedule Scott’s Air 20 Point Tune Up to take care of everything. We offer a one-time residential maintenance or an annual residential maintenance agreement, which includes two maintenance visits each year to keep your system operating efficiently each season. Call or schedule any time.

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