Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Properly

Ac Not Cooling

While fall just began and temperatures are lowering, we still live in Florida and the weather hits 80 degrees daily. Without an air conditioning unit that properly cools, you are left hot and uncomfortable in your own home from the AC not cooling. Reasons why your AC is not cooling properly can vary, here are some areas to look at.

Air conditioners utilize a delicate balance of airflow, temperature and pressure to keep you feeling refreshed when you walk into your home. If the unit is in need of maintenance or has a broken part, it could mean that a repair is in order. Here are some of the common reasons why your AC might not be cooling properly.

AC Problems within Your Control

  • Turn Your Thermostat to Auto – Keeping your AC in the “ON” positon will tell it to continually blow air throughout your home, even when the air is not being cooled. Setting it to “AUTO” cools your home only when it needs to which means that it only blows cool air.
  • Clean Your Air Filters – An air filter that never gets cleaned can clog up the flow of air to the rest of your home and make your AC work harder to achieve your desired temperature.
  • Keep Your Outdoor Unit (Condenser) Clean and Clear – If your outside unit is really dirty or covered with debris, it can block the flow of hot air leaving your home. Keep your condenser clear of debris and remove any dirt. You can spray the unit with a hose if you need to, but be sure to keep the water on a light setting. You could damage the outdoor unit if the water pressure is too high.

Your AC Wasn’t Installed Properly

If you have checked all the items above and are still having issues with your AC, then you might want to get a second AC company out to your home to check to see if your current unit was installed properly. Your unit could be either too big or too small for your home, which can significantly impact its effectiveness.

Electrical Problems

Sometimes there could be a malfunction with the electrical systems involved around your AC unit. Breakers sometime trip, but aren’t pushed to the off position. Check your breakers, flip them off and then back on to make sure the electrical flow is working properly.

Another common issue is with your thermostat. If your display is blank, then there is probably something wrong with the way your home is being cooled or with the thermostat itself. Make sure you have fresh batteries and, if that doesn’t change the outcome, call your trusted AC company to come take a look.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant, also called coolant, is used to absorb the heat from your environment and can help provide refrigeration when combined with your compressor and evaporator. If your AC is low on refrigerant, it would not have the ability to produce cool air. Contact your AC company to measure the refrigerant levels and make the necessary adjustments.

Important Announcement: If your AC was installed before 2010, it probably uses R22 refrigerant which is being phased out by the EPA. It may increase costs for maintaining your AC unit.

Broken Parts

If your AC isn’t properly cooling, you may have a broken condenser fan motor or a bad compressor among many other possibilities. Your condenser and compressor are important components to your AC system and thus, are necessary for you to have a cool home. You may need to replace the components or replace the entire unit. Contact Scott’s Air to provide an estimate on the repairs.

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