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Updated July 15, 2020

So you need your A/C repaired, and your out-of-work brother-in-law is handy with tools. If he fixes your unit, you can help him out financially while saving a few bucks for a rainy day. It sounds like the ideal situation, right?

Unfortunately, A/C repair doesn’t work that way. As handy as your brother-in-law, or some other unlicensed “contractor” might be, they don’t have the knowledge, tools or experience of a NATE certified HVAC technician.

HVAC technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Today’s systems are complex and require specialized training and expertise to install and maintain properly. Fortunately, the HVAC industry’s nonprofit NATE certification program makes it easy to identify the true professionals.

What is NATE Certification?

Founded in 1997, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certifies the knowledge and skills of heating and cooling field technicians — the front-line for system installation and maintenance. To receive NATE Certification, technicians must pass a rigorous examination on HVAC theory and practice, then a second exam in an area of specialization. Technicians are required to complete a specified number of classroom hours of instruction during the 5-year term of their NATE certificate.

Scott’s Air is completely dedicated to the comfort of our customers. To fulfill that commitment, we make sure that our technicians are equipped with the best training possible. That is a NATE Certification.

What Do Our Technicians Learn When They Get NATE Certified?

Nate Certification isn’t merely a walk-through on installing an AC system or fixing a broken air handler. It is a comprehensive training course that addresses every potential service area that could come up in a service visit. The five tenets of NATE Certification are HVAC Fundamentals, Service, Installation, Electrical and Controls, and Comfort and Airflow.

nate certification tenets. its a deep list of items that nate certification focuses on.

How Does NATE Certification Benefit You?

Better HVAC System Performance

Purchasing the most efficient system on the market doesn’t guarantee efficient performance in the home. That’s where a qualified technician makes all the difference. With proper installation and regular maintenance by a NATE-Certified technician, your system is much more likely to live up to expectations.

The Job is Done Right on the First Try

Callbacks and warranty service are minimized when the work is done by trained technicians with specialized equipment.

Professional AC Advice You Can Count On

A NATE-Certified technician is current on the latest technology and equipped to advise you on the proper operation of your system for optimum performance and efficiency.

Peace of Mind

Heating equipment produces high temperatures and combustion by-products like dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Central air conditioners draw high voltage and utilize compressed refrigerants. For your family and home’s safety, these components should be installed and maintained by trained air conditioning professionals.

Go With NATE Certified Professionals

Scott’s Air is completely dedicated to the comfort of our customers. To fulfill that commitment, we make sure that our technicians are equipped with the best training possible. That is a NATE Certification. This way we know that when we send our technicians out into Central Florida homes, we are sending professionals who know how to fix any air conditioning issue.

If you need air conditioning service, go with the NATE Certified professionals at Scott’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

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Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a full-service heating and air conditioning company in Central Florida.  Whether you need repair, maintenance or installation of a new heating or cooling system, we provide efficient, cost-effective and professional service. When it’s hot, call Scott!

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  • 5 star review  CLIFF WAS AWESOME!!! After our AC unit wasnt cooling like it used CLIFF came to my home and did a phenomenal job. He was very professional and knowledgable. I work in the service field as well and noticed how clean and organized he kept his tools and material/parts he was removing and replacing. Parts were cleaned to the best of his ability due to it being a 21 year old unit. He did a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend SCOTTS to my neighborhood and google members. Now my house cools off in no time. Thanks again CLIFF and of course the SCOTTS TEAM.

    thumb Richie Cruz
  • 5 star review  Very customer driven company. Sherrie was great when I called that evening for repair. Bill (technician) called and gave me an estimated time. He had the problem diagnosed and fixed within 30 minutes. Great guy - knowledgeable and friendly. Good company.

    thumb Lea Chancey
  • 5 star review  Grant and team from Scott's were OUTSTANDING! The new system is wonderful and I purchased the 10 yr plan so that I can have worry-free A/C for a decade! I cannot encourage you to do business with these folks enough. I'm a customer for life!

    thumb John Kellis
  • 5 star review  We had a great experience With this company, starting off with our sales person Daniel, extending to the entire installation crew. I’m sorry that I don’t remember all the names of the technicians who installed our units, but each and every one of them was very courteous, professional, and informative. They did not leave the house until the job is done right, and I did take a long time because we do have an older house. They started the job at about 8:30 in the morning and finished at 10 PM. They cleaned up everything and made sure that there was a full explanation as to how to use the thermostat units and the app so that we could control all of the AC units from our cell phones. They also made sure to follow up after the installation to make sure that we were satisfied with the job. I would certainly recommend Scott’s for AC installation.

    thumb Prashanta Laddu
  • 5 star review  Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning = Professional. They did an awesome job with my system change. The photos are of finished product and old product. A drastic difference! They were on time and knowledgeable. They made sure the job was done to my satisfaction. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Ryan Rawski

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