Fixing Hot and Cold Spots in Your House

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Thermostat located out of direct sunlight can help fix hot and cold spots in your house

Most modern homes are fitted with central HVAC systems to create a comfortable environment, but that doesn’t guarantee that every spot in every room gets a taste of that convenient, cozy breeze. While finding a drastic temperature shift in your house is pretty easy, fixing hot and cold spots in your house can be a tricky task. If you find hot and cold spots in your house that you can’t quite balance out, it might be time to have a professional examine your AC system and ducts.

Common Causes of Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Let’s dive into understanding why these uncomfortable pockets appear in your home, and then discuss fixing hot and cold spots in your house.

Cause: Blocked Air Vents

A central HVAC system a network of air ducts and vents to deliver airflow to different rooms throughout your house. The ducts also cycle air back into the HVAC system through the return. If any of the vents are blocked, the air will not properly flow through the system, putting more strain on the unit and potentially causing those pesky temperature changes in your house.

Cause: Bad Thermostat Location

A thermostat’s main mission is to read the temperature of your house, and to then tell your HVAC system how much cool or warm air to disperse.

Don’t set your thermostat up for failure.

If your thermostat is sitting in direct sunlight or exposed to other heating or cooling sources, it won’t get an accurate reading of the general temperature of the entire home.

Cause: Dirty Air Filter

A dirty AC filter can cause a number of problems. Most notably, it can put strain on the entire HVAC unit, causing it to work harder and produce worse results. If your air filter is clogged, it can reduce airflow in your home and result in uneven and often sporadic temperatures – not to mention a higher utility bill.

Cause: Home Renovations

If you moved into a home and decided to add onto the layout, you should revisit your HVAC system and ductwork. Depending on the size of the home renovation, your HVAC system may no longer have enough ducts, vents, or overall power to maintain your home’s temperature.

Cause: Air Ducts

One of the biggest misconceptions when purchasing a new air conditioning system is that it is going to correct air flow or any drafts in house. A new AC system alone will not correct air flow. The distribution of air in your home is related to your duct system. When fixing hot and cold spots in your house, make sure your HVAC specialist looks for these common duct issues:

  • Ducts and boots aren’t sized properly
  • Ductwork is damaged, has a kink that obstructs airflow, or is poorly installed
  • Ductwork is poorly designed and unbalanced

HVAC technician examining air ducts to fix hot and cold spots in your house

Fixing Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

Fix: Blocked Air Vents

Fixing hot and cold spots in your house can get pricey. So, first step is to check that your air vents are not blocked. Often times, curtains or a piece of furniture can obstruct the flow of air. If this is the case, then you’ll need to practice your feng shui skills and rearrange that room’s setup.

Additionally, if one room is getting too much air while another room isn’t getting enough, another common fix is to add a manual damper that partially blocks off the room with too much air.

Fix: Bad Thermostat Location

Let’s hope that your thermostat is currently next to a hot lamp or in direct sunlight, because if this is the case, all you need to do is move the heating or cooling source away from your thermostat.

If your thermostat was incorrectly placed when your home was being built or designed, you will need to contact a heating and air conditioning professional to have it examined and appropriately placed in a new, neutral location.

Fix: Dirty Air Filter

This is yet another quick solution to fixing hot and cold spots in your house. If you discover that your air filter needs to be replaced, then keep your air filters clean to see if that resolves the temperature pockets. Make replacing your air filter a regular habit, as this not only improves the efficiency of your system and cuts down on energy waste, but it can help keep your home cleaner by reducing the re-distribution of dust.

Fix: Home Renovations

If you added on to your home and did not plan to upgrade your HVAC system or add ducts and vents, then you are in for a trickier fix. You may need to repair or replace your HVAC system, extend or modify your ductwork, or add a ductless system. This depends on the size of the new space and the amount of extra heating and cooling needed.

Fix: Air Ducts

The simplest way to address problems with your ducts is to have your HVAC professional check for common issues. They will know what to look for, and whether they need to remove a kink, repair duct fitting, or add a duct and an additional supply vent to the space that isn’t getting proper airflow.

A duct system that is well-designed and properly sealed can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Learn more with the Energy Star Duct Sealing fact sheet.

Fixing the Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

If your HVAC system isn’t properly heating and cooling your home, you can trust Scott’s Heating & Air Conditioning to find and fix the problem.


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I had an excellent service call with Daniel today. He quickly diagnosed the problem with my ac and explained the issues, all my options, and prices. He explained everything to me such that I understood what was going on, and felt totally comfortable with the decision I made. The office staff was excellent, as well. I plan to replace my ac before year's end and will definitely purchase from Scott's. Thank you! It's so great to do business with competent, courteous, and efficient individuals.
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